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Liberty Institute Offers Humanitarian Support

COVID-19 TUITION RELIEF PROGRAM (TRP)                                                                                                                                            New Released Date: 4/15/2020 @ 10:00AM


Registration Under Tuition Relief Program (TRP) RFQ

Under Present Pandemic condition while whole world suffering from terrible situation that we all are dealing with. Many governments, businesses and individuals are making some contributions to their community to ensure that they can support each other in time of need. As we are unsure as to when the situation will return to normal, hence we are making humanitarian support to our community and offering Tuition Relief Program (TRP) to we serve them.

  1. What is Tuition Relief Program (TRP)?
  • Students enrolling in the tuition relief program will only be required to pay 50% of their tuition in order to graduate from the program, along with completing all coursework requirements of the program. The remaining 50% must be paid by the student within 12 months period.
  1. How does it benefit me as a student?
  • You are not paying the complete tuition for graduation.
  • SAVE over 8-25% INTEREST on Loan.
  • You are only paying 50% of the tuition and getting an extended timeline of 12 months to pay your remaining tuition fee. Even though you are only paying the registration fee plus 50% of the tuition, your certificate of completion will be issued so you are able to work in your chosen field of interest.
  1. How will I attend classes in the COVID-19?
  • Well, our school has been offering various online/zoom programs. Also we do offer skill learning with social distancing or live zoom class.
  1. Is there a limitation of applicants that can apply for the TRP?
  • Monthly 100 seats available till end of December 2020.
  1. Will this program apply to students that are already enrolled?
  • No, this program only applies to students(s) that submit their registration under the TRP.
  1. Is this a tuition discount?
  • No, this is not a tuition discount or tuition waiver application. The benefit of applying via this tuition relief program is that you don’t have to pay 100% of the tuition to graduate; you can do so, by just paying 50% and paying the rest 50% over the period of 12 months.
  1. What part of the fee is included in the TRP?
  • Tuition Fee only
  1. Is their other cost involved?
  • You pay $ 100/- Non refundable registration fee.
  • 3% credit/debit card processing fees will be applied to all the PayPal transactions.
  • One time loan origination fee $ 100.00
  • Tuition fee does not include books, consumables, scrub and personal things.
  • Interest FREE loan covers only 50% tuition fee only.
  1. How long will this program be available?
  • 6 months (Till December 2020).
  1. Who is eligible for this program?
    • All applicants are eligible for the TRP.
    • Priority will be given to the front line healthcare workers or anyone that is supporting the healthcare system in any capacity.
    • Any or all individuals affected by the COVID-19 outbreak which resulted in job loss or unemployment.
    • Any COVID 19 Survival and their immediate family members.


  1. What programs are eligible for the TRP?
  • All programs offered by Liberty Institute and Liberty Home Care.
  1. Cost of National Certification exams will be included in this TRP?
  • No, the student will be responsible for the cost of the national certification (NACT) exam the cost of onetime exam fee will be $ 120.00.
  1. How soon can I apply under the TRP?
  • Registration is open.
  1. When will the TRP go into effect after I enroll?
  • It will begin from the 1st day of your official program start date that you enrolled.
  1. How soon do I have to pay the 1st 50% of my tuition fee?
  • Option 1: You may pay 50% tuition fee in FULL
  • Option 2: Weekly equal payment plan (Every Monday) up to 50% Tuition
  • Rest of tuition you will pay 12 equal part of installment after graduation day first day (1st) of the month.
  1. Will this apply to me if I am a returning student to Liberty Institute?
  • Yes, you are eligible that would like to enroll and start attending to other programs offered at Liberty Institute.
  1. Is there a payment that will need to be submitted with the tuition relief program?
  • Applicant will be required to make a $100 Non Refundable Registration fee.
  1. Will I be charged any interest on the remaining 50% of the tuition that I am required to pay within 12 months?
  • No, this is 0% INTEREST FREE Loan. There is no interest charged on tuition fee for full program.
  1. Will I have to go through a credit check to be eligible for enrolling into the program under the extended tuition relief program?
  • No, Liberty Institute will not do credit / back ground history check to enroll into any educational program. The main purpose of tuition relief program is to support your needs in current time. Debt collection fee may apply on default.
  1. How long will it take for my application to be processed and what next?
  • Normal admission processing time is 2-5 days.
  • Institute will prepare the appropriate documents and send it to your registered email, you must review the documents and enter all the required information, payment information accurately and esign the documents. Once we receive all the documents back via electronic submission, the process will be considered as complete.
  • After the process is completed you will either receive a call or an email with instructions on starting your classes.
  • Please note the timeline for the process may vary on a case by case basis.
Phlebotomy, EKG, Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant and ESL classes are starting SOON.
Scholarship upto 30% is available for Phlebotomy and EKG classes.

Scholarships are available for all other classes.

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