Financing Your Education?

How we can help you

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify. For more information please call us for an appointment with our qualified career counselor.

At Liberty Institute we ensure quality education through our state of the art labs and qualified instructors. Institute is offering Financial Assistance for various programs.Our well trained and qualified financial assistance adviser can help you to meet your financial needs. We help our students by guiding them to make right choices. We offer flexible and payment plans for our students to finance their education.

To Apply for Financial Assistance at Liberty Institute

Financial Assistance Programs:

A student who has financial need is given full consideration for grants, scholarships, easy payment plan and loans. The Financial Assistance Officer will assist students in the completion and submission of applications. Liberty Institute students may be eligible to receive funds from one or more of the following State, local or other financial aid programs.

To be eligible for financial assistance, a student must:

– Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program of study on at least a half-time basis.
– Be a U.S. citizen, national, or an eligible non-citizen.
– And have financial need determined by the cost of attendance and expected family contribution.
– Maintain satisfactory progress, determined by the grade point average and progress towards program completion.
– Complete the verification process as required.

Non-Federal Student Loans:

TFC offers private loans to students to supplement federal student financial aid. Approval is based on a credit-check. Terms of repayment, including interest rates some cases, a qualified co-signer may be required.


AmeriCorps, a program that provides community service in local projects, may b help pay educational expenses. Students can work on AmeriCorps approved projects full or part time, before, during or after attending a post-secondary institution. Further information on AmeriCorps is available from the Financial Aid Office, the National Trust Corporation for National Service, or at AmeriCorps @ www.americorps.Org.

Veterans Benefits (VA):

Liberty Institute is approved for veterans training from Dependents of Veterans Affairs. Application for Veteran Education benefits may be picked up at the from the Veterans Administration office.

For those veterans who entered the military between January 31, 1955 and January 1, 1977, and served on active duty for a continuous period of at least 180 days, their eligibility extends for ten (10) years beyond the date of discharge. Those who entered the military after January 1, 1977 are eligible if they participated in the Contributory Education Assistance Program. Only the VA can determine eligibility for these benefits.

Employer/Union Tuition Reimbursement:

Some students may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through an employer or a labor union. Contact your work supervisor, Human Resources Department, or your union representative for details.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Funding:

Liberty Institute qualifies for the Department of Labor Workforce Investment Act training grant program. For information, you may contact the Workforce New Jersey. (

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: (DVR):

Students who have a vocational or educational handicap may qualify for training-related funding from the Office of Workforce Development Partnership (WDP) Services. Please contact your local office for current information.

If you are unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits or Underemployed, the Local Workforce Career Center will offer you a GRANT (Do not need to repay back to Government) up to $ 4000 as tuition for career training courses at Liberty Institute.

Liberty Institute Offers Numerous Payment Options

Financial Assistant is given to every student, regardless of their credit score.

The TUITION FEE can be paid in installments

  • Weekly Installments
  • Bi-weekly Installments
  • Monthly Installments

All our payments plans are at 0% Interest up to 6 months.

Our expertise is, and always has been, providing tuition financing for students. YES NO
Most of our students are eligible for payments plans.  Yes
Students are eligible for payments plans interest free.  @ 0% interest  Yes
No credit check required  Yes
Payment plans varies according to the length of the program.  Yes
Payment plans can be weekly or monthly  Yes
Every student will be eligible for payment plan, regardless of their credit score  Yes
Monthly and weekly installments have to be paid on time, as decided during the contract  Yes

Please ask school counselor for more details or email


  • Completion Certificate will be given to the student upon complete payments of tuition installments of the program.
Phlebotomy, EKG, Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant and ESL classes are starting SOON.
Scholarship upto 30% is available for Phlebotomy and EKG classes.

Scholarships are available for all other classes.

For more Information give us a call today at 201 500 9975 OR Visit our Campus at

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